Chatterino API - Privacy Policy

The Chatterino API does not collect any personal information from the users of this API. When you make a request through Chatterino, we make an external request based on your payload and return the relevant data to you.

The Chatterino API does not share any user data with any internal or external parties.

When a link is sent to our API for resolving, we only store that link to make the tooltip, then cache that link with its data for up to 24 hours to lessen the load on our API and on any external APIs that we use. No information about who made the request is stored anywhere.

When you make a request to our API through the Chatterino Client, the following data is available to us:

Your IP address is NOT processed or stored.
The version of your Chatterino Client is NOT processed or stored, but we maintain the right to process it in the future in case we need to provide information in different formats based on the Chatterino Client version.
The link you requested information about is processed and stored together with the output data for up to 24 hours as cache to save processing power/bandwidth for us and any external APIs.
No data other than the link is shared with external APIs, which is strictly necessary for the Chatterino API to function.

The Chatterino API uses the following external APIs to provide users with tooltips:

This list of external APIs is not exhaustive.

The Chatterino API uses these above-mentioned external APIs to serve content to you, sometimes in a transformative way. Examples:

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us.

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